Welcome to Digital Grassroots

Digital Grassroots is a youth initiative created to increase citizenship by Internet Society youth fellows at the Internet Governance Forum 2017. It was developed to proactively engage youth in addressing internet problems at a grassroots level.

Our website will feature news, keep you posted on our activities, and allow you to receive annotations from Digital Grassroots leaders in the program. This year we will be working on increasing Digital Citizenship in regions where internet access is comparatively low. Join our network to be part of these initiatives.
Our work, having a diverse board of directors and coming from different stakeholder groups in Internet Governance, is a demonstration that Digital Citizenship has no borders. We come from different countries with different social, economic and political challenges, but we are united by the conviction that digital citizenship is the source of prosperity, justice, and equality and as such we must do everything on our power to shape our digital future. 

In recognizing the role of internet to accomplish the SDGs, we invite you to follow our updates and social networks. Being a part of our movement increases capacity building among youth and creates a collective voice on airing and working toward our needs as young people.

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