How Digital Grassroots is Bridging the Digital Divide

Digital Grassroots was created to help close the digital divide in each trainer’s home country. As part of the Youth@IGF course in October, participants were asked to pitch proposals for new projects that aim to solve internet issues. One fellow wrote about a digital literacy and adoption project and it was put it to a vote thus, Digital Grassroots was born, and we are now working to make this project a reality.

Digital Grassroots is a youth network developed to proactively engage youth in addressing internet problems at a grassroots level. Digital Grassroots team members will create a Digital Literacy course called Internet Literacy Class, based on the 8 Digital Citizenship (DQ) principles. The project will include an Internet Literacy Class (ILC), Digital Natives Network (DNN), and an Internet Activism (IA) program focusing on issues that affect a safe internet for all.

We will create a call to action across the globe for trainers of internet literacy. Selected trainers will train 10 people each at a grassroots level to receive a certificate. We will also share relevant updates, newsletters, and articles via our forum dedicated to the project in order to engage interested individuals. 

It is our hope that through this new project, we will create an international network of engaged young people who can help their communities access and adopt the benefits of the internet. We welcome anyone who would like to join us, and look forward to incorporating the things we learn in these webinars and at the 2017 Internet Governance Forum in Geneva and into our work!

Read more on our series on universal digital access, the current state of digital access, the importance of universal accessexisting barriers, and solutions to bridge the digital gap.

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