Venezuela: Digital Grassroots Signs Petition Against Internet Control

By Eileen Cejas

Digital Grassroots, has joined other organizations in signing the petition  launched by Access Now to protest the upcoming draft bill called "Constitutional Law of Cyberspace of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela". This bill aims to give the government legal control over the Internet in Venezuela.

As the situation in Venezuela is getting worse everyday, with blockages of specific social media networks, citizens must do everything to defend their right of freedom of speech in a precarious political environment.

Recent news have shown that President Maduro has blocked the access to main Internet provider (CATV state provider) to block online communications especially during important political events. The blocked platforms include Wikipedia and Facebook.

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Photo Credit: Innovation Village

Digital Grassroots expresses deep concern for the development of the Bill. There is an increased violation of digital rights across the globe with internet tax, censorship, internet shutdowns and bills being created by oppressive governments across the globe.  As young people, we want to live in a world that is open and free, which is why we oppose this bill by the Venezuelan government.

Many thanks to Access Now for launching this petition. Please sign it.

To learn more about Venezuela State of Internet, check Freedom House's Report

Edited by Hadassah Louis


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