International Womens Day 2019:

The much celebrated day of March 8th is the day we remember how much we owe to women in society's progress. It is also essential to remember why this date is dedicated to women who have sacrificed their lives fighting for the rights of women world over for a more equal world. We also need to reflect on the current role of women in society and challenges we are facing to make a better society, a society when there is a balance in terms of gender, especially when it comes in terms of high positions of power, especially in the Internet Governance scope. #BalanceForBetter was the hashtag chosen to reflect this women's celebration.

Digital Grassroots if 80% female led and 100% led by youth. We have achieved 50/50 margins in our Ambassadors program [see our cohort 1 outcome report here] and our Community Leaders are majority women.

This year, DIGRA prepared a Tweet Chat using quotes from Ambassadors and DIGRA Community related to EMPOWERING WOMEN IN ICT; This included special engagement from our group of DIGRA Community Leaders.

Follow us @digigrassroots to see some of the quotes shared. Our hashtag include #DIGRA #YouthInIG and #DIGRA_CL. We've shared some of the amazing contributions we received on Women's Day:

 DIGRA Ambassador Wevyn Muganda focused on women's efforts on making Internet a more open, accesible and free space.

Eric Moyo, one of our DIGRA Community Leaders, talked about empowering women on ICT

James Namarila, DIGRA Ambassador from cohort 1 went straight to the point "ICT, a weapon to break patriarchy"
 Confucius Caradoc Bedzina, Ghanian DIGRA Community Leader, spoke about the potential of the ICT application to empower women.

DIGRA Community Leader Ruth Atim from Uganda expressed her wish that women embrace technology.
 DIGRA Ambassador, Stella Kaniaru shared her flyers she had made to celebrate this day. One of them says "Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly"
Discussing with DIGRA Ambassadors, they said "Thanks to the Internet, Women can now organise for change."
 DIGRA Ambassador Jessica Kallon focused on considering women are equally powerful as men.

Finally, DIGRA WonderWomen said "The Internet is a powerful tool in creating awareness and educating women on their rights. So much  development can be done with a connection."

To read more Tweets and follow the discussion, enter to the link to Tweet Chat and stay tuned for our next event.


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