NYIGF: Nigeria Youth IGF 2019

Uffa Modey, Digital Grassroots Vice President

The Nigerian Youth Internet Governance Forum (NYIGF) was held on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 at the Center of Information, Technology and Systems (CITS, University of Lagos, Lagos State) and successfully launched a community of young Nigerians (under 35 years old) passionate about contributing to the development of a healthy Internet ecosystem and Internet technology in Nigeria. During the event, the official website of NYIGF was launched online. The main goal of the website is to bridge the gap between the initiative and the rest of the world, as expressed by the organisers.

In the first edition of the NYIGF, Uffa Modey, Vice President of DIGRA and main organiser of the event, introduced the attendees by telling them about the NYIGF Initiative, focusing on the need of youth engagement in both international and national Internet Governance discussions, in order to address the growing need for Nigerian Youth to participate in these important issues.

Adisa Bolutife, Digital Grassroots Finance Director

NYIGF 2019 had two panel sessions. The first one was titled "Internet Governance Fundamentals" and was moderated by Adisa Bolutife of Digital Grassroots. The second one was titled "Opportunities for Youths in the Global Internet Ecosystem."

The Nigerian Youth Internet Governance Forum was closed with special thanks from Uffa Modey to all participants and sponsors of the event.

-Written by Temitope Taiwo and Eileen Cejas | Edited by Hadassah Louis  -


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