Digital Grassroots at 2019 RightsCon Tunis

Digital Grassroots Vice President, Uffa Modey, chairing Digital Rights Monopoly at RightsCon.

On 12 June 2019 at the Hannibal Room of Hotel Laico, Tunis, Digital Grassroot vice president and cofounder, Uffa Modey facilitated the Digital Rights Monopoly session at the 8th annual RightsCon by AccessNow.

RightsCon Tunis took place on June 11- 14, 2019. The event can easily be described as the world's leading summit on human rights in the digital age. It brought together, human rights activists and technologists and engaged them in a week workshops, panel sessions, lightning talks and other exciting engagement activities focused on Internet governance and digital rights.

Our #DigitalRightsMonolopoly session was a 1 hour game of monopoly which acted as a fun and innovative way to promote learning and discussions on Internet governance and digital rights issues. The session commenced with a layout of the game board and pieces and per the rules of Monopoly. After one of the session participants volunteered to act as the banker, a smooth and intense session proceeded with all the participants aiming to amass as much Digracoin wealth as possible while enacting policies and laws on the issues faced around the game board.

At the end of the session, attendees were encouraged to download and make use of the Digital Rights Monopoly game in their local communities and were also invited to collaborate on improving the game as an efficient tool for promoting digital literacy.

2019 RightsCon Tunis, also created an amazing platform for DIGRA co founders and mentor to connect.

Special thanks to RightsCon for funding our travel to participate in the event.


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